Accessing NVR Data

Accessing NVR Data

The NVR publishes results in a number of formats, such as annual reports and the outcomes section of this website. The reports will include a pdf copy of the report that will contain national level results and trust level appendices in a table. These appendices are also usually available in spreadsheet format, to allow for easier analyses of the results.

The NVR team are keen for the submitted data to be used to maximal patient benefit. Thus, in addition to the formal outputs as describted above, we actively encourage and support external proposals for secondary research.

However, it is essential that the anonymity of the people included in the NVR is protected and that the data are used in an ethical way. We therefore provide two types of data from the NVR:

Aggregate Data

The NVR already publishes a large amount of data at NHS trust level and as these are available in the public domain, permission to use these does not have to be formally requested. Users of the NVR IT system have access to any data that relates to them (either hospital or consultant level, depending on the user type) through the online reports and data export functions of the NVR IT system.

For aggregate data that has not been published by the NVR, please contact us to discuss your requirements. Any request will need to be approved by the NVR project team and may require approval from the commissioners of the NVR, HQIP.

Anonymised Patient Level Data

These are data at the level of individual patients but do not include any personal information, such as name, date of birth, address or NHS/CHI number. To receive patient level data, you are likely to need to be working at an organisation that meets various information governance standards.

If you are interested in applying for anonymised patient level NVR data please contact us to discuss your requirements. Any request will need to be approved by the NVR project team and will also have to be approved by HQIP (the commissioners of the NVR and controllers of the NVR data). More information, including the HQIP data request forms can be found on the Accessing NCAPOP data page on HQIP’s website. Any completed HQIP data request forms must be sent to the NVR project team for approval before being submitted to HQIP.

Cost of Accessing Data

Any publication from the NVR project team on this website is provided free of charge and there are no restrictions of use.

Charges may apply for new aggregate data, and extracts of anonymous patient level data. The charges are to recover the costs of managing the applications process and preparing extracts of data. The costs are likely to depend on the level of service required from the NVR project team, and will depend on whether this is limited to a simple extract of data, or requires additional input such as methodological or statistical support. We will be able to advise on costs once your completed application form is received.