NVR eNewsletter – 2016 Issue #1

Consultant Outcomes in 2016

  • We are planning to publish results for NHS trusts and individual consultants in 2016, in a similar way to 2015. This will again be for AAA repairs and carotid endarterectomies.
  • The timescales for reporting will be 1st January 2011—31st December 2015 for AAA repairs and 1st January 2013—31st December 2015 for CEAs.
  • Please ensure that these cases are entered onto the NVR and submitted by 24th March 2015 in order for them to be analysed.
  • We will then feed back the results to all consultants/hospitals for validation, where there will be an opportunity for amendments to be made.
  • Similarly to 2015, our annual report currently planned for November 2016 will contain results for the other NVR procedures. Data submission deadlines for the other procedures are likely to be in July 2016, but we will provide more information in future newsletters.

Changes to NVR IT System

  • A number of changes are planned to be released into the NVR IT system later in January. We will send a newsletter out once they have been made.

NVR Snapshot Audit

  • We are planning a snapshot audit to run in Spring/Summer of 2016.
  • The audit will be on delays in the pathway between detection of an AAA and the AAA repair going ahead.
  • The audit will be based on procedures performed within a specific time period.
  • We will publish the snapshot audit dataset shortly.