NVR eNewsletter – Issue #8 (2015)

2015 NVR Annual Report

    • The 2015 NVR Annual Report was released last week and is available to download online.
    • This report provides a description of the care provided by NHS vascular units, and contains information on the process and outcomes of care for patients undergoing:
      • abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) repair
      • carotid endarterectomy
      • lower limb revascularisation procedure (angioplasty/stent or bypass)
      • major amputation for lower-limb peripheral arterial disease (PAD).
  • In addition, the report presents the findings of an organisational audit conducted in August 2015.
  • The pdf version of the report contains trust level appendices at the back of the report.
  • Alternatively, these appendices are available in a spreadsheet format.

New VSQIP Website

  • We have recently revamped our website (www.vsqip.org.uk) and hope you like the changes.
  • The webpages are designed to resize and scale better on mobile and tablet devices.
  • The documents in the resources page should now be easier to find as they are categorised, rather than appearing in a list.
  • Please be aware that some links from old newsletters may not work as the site structure differs slightly from the previous web site.