NVR eNewsletter – 2020 Issue #4

NVR data submission deadline extension

  • Given the current COVID-9 pandemic, we appreciate that NHS trusts will be under strain and have therefore decided to extend the data submission deadline for 2019 cases to be included in the 2020 annual report by two weeks.
  • The new data submission deadline will be Friday 1st May 2020.
  • We are currently analysing the initial elective infra-renal AAA and CEA cases for the consultant level reporting, although commencement of this has been delayed.
  • We don’t feel that it is correct to provide the initial AAA and CEA results to consultants during such busy times and therefore this has been postponed. We will assess the situation next month and communicate the new timescales to you.

NVR COVID-19 Dataset

  • We have developed a few extra questions that will be added to the NVR next week to capture the impact of COVID-19 on vascular patients.
  • We appreciate that many patients are having their planned procedures cancelled, postponed or changed, as a result of the current pandemic.
  • The trigger question (Was the management of this patient affected by COVID-19) will be mandatory and appear in the discharge section of the NVR from Monday evening.
  • Upon selecting ‘Yes’ a few additional questions will appear.
  • The list of extra questions can be found on our website.

Changes to NVR AAA procedure dataset

  • We have been working with industry to add aortic device information to the NVR and to amend the AAA dataset to capture re-interventions in a more thorough way.
  • This release has been delayed due to the requirement to add the COVID-19 dataset into the NVR.
  • We expect it to go live on the NVR in the next two months and will provide an update nearer the time.