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NVR eNewsletter – 2016 Issue #8

Changes/updates to NVR IT system A few changes have been made to the NVR IT system this week. Each user on the NVR now has the ability to state whether they are a consultant or not, within their user profile. If we knew the date you were appointed as a consultant, we have pre-populated this […]

NVR eNewsletter – 2016 Issue #7

Publication of consultant level results The results for elective infra-renal AAA repairs and carotid endarterectomies will be refreshed on the VSQIP website by 12 noon on Monday 5th September. This is due to a delay in receiving the routine data from the 4 national bodies that we use to work out case ascertainment rates for […]

NVR eNewsletter – 2016 Issue #6

Reminder: Data Submission Deadline Please ensure that your 2015 data for complex AAA repairs, emergency AAA repairs, lower limb angioplasty, lower limb bypass and lower limb amputation are submitted to the NVR by Friday 29th July 2016. Please note that only records that have been submitted on the NVR can be analysed. These are records […]

NVR eNewsletter – 2016 Issue #5

Reminder: NVR Snapshot Audit The NVR Snapshot Audit will go live for procedures carried out from tomorrow (1st June 2016). The audit will include all elective AAA repairs, plus non-elective AAA repairs where the patient was known to the vascular services prior to admission. The audit will be based on the procedure date and will […]

NVR eNewsletter – 2016 Issue #4

NVR Snapshot Audit As part of the contract agreed with HQIP, the NVR has to run a snapshot audit to examine an area of care in more detail. The chosen topic for 2016 will examine the delays in the care pathway from the time of diagnosis until surgery among patients undergoing repair for an abdominal […]

NVR eNewsletter – 2016 Issue #3

Consultant Outcomes Publication Just a reminder of the current key dates for the publication of consultant and trust level results for elective infra-renal AAA repairs and carotid endarterectomy in 2016. We will be analysing elective infra-renal AAA repairs undertaken between 1/1/2011 and 31/12/2015 and CEAs between 1/1/2013 and 31/12/2015.  The initial data entry deadline is […]

NVR eNewsletter – 2016 Issue #2

Changes to the NVR IT system We have made a number of changes to the NVR IT system in January 2016. These include: The ability to enter a major amputation following a lower limb bypass, where the procedures occurred within the same hospital admission. More information about this can be found on our website. The […]

NVR eNewsletter – 2016 Issue #1

Consultant Outcomes in 2016 We are planning to publish results for NHS trusts and individual consultants in 2016, in a similar way to 2015. This will again be for AAA repairs and carotid endarterectomies. The timescales for reporting will be 1st January 2011—31st December 2015 for AAA repairs and 1st January 2013—31st December 2015 for […]

NVR eNewsletter – Issue #8 (2015)

2015 NVR Annual Report The 2015 NVR Annual Report was released last week and is available to download online. This report provides a description of the care provided by NHS vascular units, and contains information on the process and outcomes of care for patients undergoing: abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) repair carotid endarterectomy lower limb revascularisation […]

NVR eNewsletter – Issue #7 (2015)

The most recent eNewsletter from the National Vascular Registry, which aims to keep you up to date with important news and key deadlines. This newsletter focuses on the newly 2015 Consultant Outcomes Publication.