NVR eNewsletter – 2021 Issue #7

NVR Datasets Update

A number of changes are due to be made to the NVR IT system in the evening of 27/07/2021. The changes are summarised below.

All procedures:

  • New questions asking whether the patient has had a recent COVID-19 infection and the number of doses of vaccine they have received.
  • The Antibiotics and DVT answer options have been split into a new question entitled ‘peri-operative medication.’


  • New clamp site of trans-renal added for open repairs.
  • More than 5 device components now appear in data export.
  • Bug fix to allow procedures with status ‘Submitted without Device Information’ to appear in automated online reporting tables and graphs.


  • New answer option of TIA added to post-op complications question.
  • New question on type of post-op stroke (haemorrhagic or ischaemic) appears if stroke is ticked in post-op complications question.

Angioplasty and Bypass:

  • New question added in pre-op page— ‘date of first imaging.’
  • New question added in pre op page— ‘date first seen (surgical) team.’
  • New question added in procedure page—‘Hybrid procedure?’
  • New answer option added to Right and Left Closure questions—‘Surgical Closure.’


  • New question added in pre-op page—‘Fontaine Score.’ This doesn’t need to be completed if presenting problem is acute limb ischaemia, trauma or aneurysm.

To accompany these changes, the proformas, data dictionary and upload templates have all been updated on the VSQIP website.

Aortic devices on the NVR

Just a reminder to continue to record the details of all implantable devices used in aortic repairs on the NVR (both open and endovascular). In case you haven’t seen the userguide for how to add each type of device on the NVR, it is available here.