NVR eNewsletter – 2022 Issue #6

NVR December 2022 Update

  • We released an updated short report on aortic devices earlier this month, with the aim of providing information on medical devices implanted during primary and revision AAA repair procedures during the past three years.
  • Please continue to enter the details of aortic devices used on the NVR. We expect to collect information on devices used in the other NVR procedures in 2023, as part of the wider devices agenda being commissioned through NHS England and the devolved nations.
  • Emails have been sent out this month to each consultant vascular surgeon and interventional radiologist with the numbers and outcomes of elective infra-renal AAA repairs and carotid endarterectomies carried out in 2019-2021. Please contact us if you haven’t received your email.
  • Emails have also been sent to all NHS trusts that detail the number of lower limb revascularisation procedure entered onto the NVR by each clinician in 2019-2021. Please share this amongst the departments to encourage data entry into the NVR, particular for lower limb angioplasty/stenting procedures.
  • We spotted a minor error in the organisational survey worksheet in the appendices spreadsheet that accompanied the 2022 annual report. This was in relation to the specialty that carried out EVARs and was only wrong for a small number of trusts. The updated appendices spreadsheet can be found on the 2022 annual report webpage