NVR eNewsletter – 2023 Issue #3

Updates to Online Reports on NVR IT System

We have made a few additions to the online reporting tables and graphs that are available on the NVR IT system. The data you can see in the Reports section of the NVR IT system depends on your login. If you login as a consultant (username is your GMC number) then you see your own results only, regardless of the hospital the procedures were performed at. If you have a unit level admin account then you will see the results for all consultants and procedures at that hospital.

  • We have added a new Activity Table entitled ‘CQUIN Report.’ This will allow you to see the number of non-elective patients undergoing a lower limb revascularisation for CLTI, the median number of days between admission and procedure, the number and percentage that were done within 5 days. This report looks at both submitted and unsubmitted procedures (as the CQUIN does).
  • We have added a new table to the AAA one, where you can easily see, amongst other things, how many procedures have been submitted with a device recorded and how many were re-interventions.
  • The outcome variables on the carotid tables have been updated to show post-op strokes and deaths within 30 days, rather than limiting them to within hospital. This has been done to match the outcomes used in NVR annual reports and consultant level reporting.
  • The Funnel Plot and Run Chart graphs for carotid procedures have also been updated to look at deaths and strokes within 30 days.