NVR eNewsletter – 2023 Issue #5

NVR publications—out now

The 2023 NVR State of the Nation Report has been published today on our website. This report focuses on all NVR procedures that were carried out between 2020 and 2022.

    • The webpage includes:

      • The report itself
      • Supplementary tables and results that underpin the main report
      • A spreadsheet containing unit level appendices for each procedure
      • A more interactive spreadsheet entitled ‘NHS Organisational Data Viewer’ that allows you to select your NHS trust or health board and see how your results compare to national averages and standards.
    • We have also published the infographics used in the 2023 annual report as stand-alone documents.

We are not publishing consultant level results for elective infra-renal AAA repairs and carotid endarterectomies in the public domain this year. However, we will send you your individual results directly by email over the next week or two so you can retain them for appraisal and revalidation purposes. We are also going to send emails to consultant interventional radiologists, detailing the procedures you have on the NVR.