PAD-QIF Newsletter – 2019 Issue #1

Thank you to all those who participated in the PAD-QIF Workshop on 17th October. The feedback has been excellent and we think it was a very productive day. We have already taken on some of the highlighted areas of good practice.

Now the real work begins. The collated comments that were discussed on the day around the current hurdles in delivering the QIF and ways of improving pathways for patients with CLI. Hopefully these can be used locally to drive quality improvement.

We agreed that we should have a primary aim for the project in the early adopting centres. The aim we agreed on was “to reduce the time to revascularisation for those patients admitted as an emergency with CLI”. We already collect data on date of admission and revascularisation by angioplasty or surgery in the NVR.

We will clearly have the ability to look prospectively at a number of other metrics in the 11 centres and we discussed looking at those patients who undergo no intervention or are palliated that currently are not recorded in the NVR for example. We are keen to support suggestions like this and will be in a good position to do so once the NVR PAD-QIF fellow starts in February 2020.

We also discussed setting up a forum to share good practice and we are looking at ways to do this through the VSQIP or Vascular Society websites.

We would like to have a logo for the QIF and have agreed internally to run a little competition. Please ask you teams to send suggested designs to by 31st December 2019. There will be a prize of £100 for the chosen logo.

We plan a further meeting in the spring; either by webinar or face to face on 20th March or 23rd April please can you save these dates.