Quality Improvement Resources

Introduction to QI

We have provided links to a number of useful sites that give a good introduction to Quality Improvement

Source Title
Royal College of Surgeons of England RCS and Quality Improvement
Royal College of Surgeons of England Quality improvement in surgery
HQIP e-Learning introduction to quality improvement for healthcare professionals
Hughes, RG Tools and strategies for quality improvement and patient safety
Health Foundation Quality improvement made simple
Health Foundation Improvement collaboratives in healthcare
NICE Putting NICE Guidance into practice
NHS Wales 1000 Lives Improvement

Tools for QI

A number of organisations provide tools for QI

Source Title
NHS Improvement Quality, service improvement and redesign (QSIR) tools by stage of the patient pathway
NHS Improvement Quality, service improvement and redesign (QSIR) tools by type of task
Institute for Healthcare Improvement Quality Improvement Essentials Toolkit
HQIP A guide to quality improvement methods
East London NHS Foundation Trust Quality Improvement Resources

Process Mapping

Source Title
BMJ – Trebble et al Process mapping the patient journey: an introduction
NHS Improvement Conventional Process Mapping
NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement Process mapping, analysis and redesign

Driver Diagrams

Source Title
NHS Improvement Driver Diagrams
East London NHS Foundation Trust Driver Diagrams

Models for Improvement

Source Title
NHS Improvement PDSA cycles and the model for improvement
East London NHS Foundation Trust The model for improvement
Institute for Healthcare Improvement An introduction to the model for Improvement (video)
Institute for Healthcare Improvement Testing Changes

QI Case Studies

Below is a list of QI case studies. Please contact us if you have any good examples of QI studies for vascular surgery and we can add to this list.

Source Title
Vascular Society of Great Britain & Ireland Delivering a National Quality Improvement Programme for Patients with Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms
BJS Open Effectiveness of a quality improvement collaborative in reducing time to surgery for patients requiring emergency cholecystectomy
Implementation Science Understanding the influences on successful quality improvement in emergency general surgery: learning from the RCS Chole-QuIC project
Implementation Science Improving care at scale: process evaluation of a multi-component quality improvement intervention to reduce mortality after emergency abdominal surgery (EPOCH trial)
NHS Scotland QI Case Studies
BMJ Open Quality The utilisation of the MUST nutritional screening tool on vascular surgical wards
Northern Vascular Centre, Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust & Ireland Making surgical wards safer for patients with diabetes: reducing hypoglycaemia and insulin errors